VPNGates Reseller Program

We give you the excellent opportunity to resell our VPN services to your customers. As a VPN reseller you can buy VPN services from us for special discounted prices. You can sell our services to local customer offline or online. If you have a website and you are providing some kind of internet services such as VoIP, webhosting and so on, this is opportunity for you to increase your income. You can provide support to your customers in your own language.

We give you access to our Simple Reseller System where you can manage multiple VPN Accounts for your customers. You can purchase, renew VPN services for discounted prices. You will deposit money into your account and then make all purchases directly from your account balance in our Simple Reseller System.

Your prices for VPN Account are determined based on the amount of business you do with us. You can either deposit the required amount initially, or avail the relevant prices when your total business reaches that stage.

Start selling all our services and products by simply depositing an industry lowest, completely usable deposit of $149.

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Base Slab
Slab 1
Slab 2
Slab 3
Slab 4
Initial Deposit
$149 $349 $549 $749 $949
All in one VPN Account
$6.45 $5.95 $4.95 $3.95 $2.95

What you can do as a Reseller?
1. Create your own named vpn accounts.
2. Purchase VPN services directly from your account balance!
3. Manage your VPN Accounts in your Reseller Member Area!
4. Renew VPN Accounts from your account balance in Reseller Member Area!
And so on...

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